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CVR Explained

The Collateral Valuation Report (CVR™)

The Collateral Valuation Report (CVR) is an appraisal report based on CompCruncher, our computer aided appraisal software. The CVR is produced by appraisers trained in real estate regression analysis. It is not an AVM embedded in a form filler. The appraiser is center stage and has complete control over the data analysis and the valuation process.


You can use the CVR for any valuation service except for re-finance and loan origination. Refinance and loan origination are governed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and you need to use their approved forms for that type of appraisal work.

We have found that lenders and appraisers use the CVR for their alternative valuations. Here are some suggestions for you to understand the great use of the CVR across the multi-billion alternative valuation market:

  • Bail Bondsmen
  • Estate work
  • Divorce disputes
  • Tax assessment challenges for the tax assessor and/or home owners
  • Forensic appraisals
  • Legal work

Lenders have told us that the CVR is a highly attractive alternative to provide more accurate and more reliable valuation with additional analytical features in the following areas:

  • Replacement for BPOs, particularly for HELOCs
  • A replacement to a URAR for portfolio loans (HELOCs, private clients, consumer finance, community banking)
  • Default management for any BPOs used in the process (short sales)
  • Alternative in the loan modification programs
  • Quality assurance
  • Secondary valuation in value dispute resolution and value reconciliation

CVR Turn Times

The turn time is yours to set. The recommended guideline is to promise 48 hours, but deliver within 24. If you get the order in the morning, deliver it in the afternoon.

The time it takes to complete a CVR report will vary between appraisers and their local factors. However, after completing the CompCruncher Education and Training program, most appraisers can complete a CVR report within an hour, sometimes much less.


You set the pricing for this services. It’s between you and your client. We have heard pricing for HELOCs around $175, for others it can be as high as you get for a full appraisal. That’s a great value considering you will probably spent less than an hour to complete the report.


You will be charged $25 for every CVR report you produce. This covers everything: We supply up to 500 sales with 3yr history; location maps, flood maps, Pictometry oblique property images for top, north, south, west and east views; MLS import functionality for over 750 MLS systems; census tract information; 12 month value forecast (optional, we will charge an additional $5 per report), identity authentication; report fraud On Document verification service; 5 year report online storage; online appraiser credential storage; the CompCruncher software, all software updates; customer service, education and training and recertification education as the analytics and software changes. Everything is at your finger tips. All you have to do is appraise.

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