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Take the CVR Challenge

We have received an overwhelming amount of interest about the new CVR™ from lenders and appraisers nationwide. It is clear the industry needs and wants this product. But don't just take our word for it. Prove it to yourself by taking the CVR challenge!

  1. Download Sample CVR PDF.
  2. Print out the report. (In color if you have a color printer)
  3. Download Talking Points PDF.
  4. Print out the Talking Points. This PDF lists the features and benefits of a CVR report.
  5. Take it to a Credit Union or local bank that you do NOT work for.
  6. Show the report to the chief appraiser, ask them what they think about it and tell them you can provide this service for $175 (as an example, but you want to charge what your market will bear) and you want all their HELOC work.
  7. Send your results and comments to cvr@appraisalworld.com.

If you get the business, you just discovered a new way to make a profit being an appraiser. It will take you less than an hour to produce a CVR report. Plus, you just took back a piece of the valuation market that rightfully belongs to appraisers, not BPOs or AVMs.

We encourage you to pass the CVR Challenge to your colleagues, because the more appraisers there are producing CVRs, the more you end up helping yourself and the industry.

For more information about the new revolutionary CVR, please visit www.AppraisalWorld.com/CompCruncher.

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