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We are looking for appraisers that are superior in quality, and have a great attention to detail. In partnering with our clients, we are expected to provide an unparalleled level of customer service, and we expect the same from our vendor panel. In return, we provide a strong partnership with our vendor panel, with opportunities for growth of appraisal volume across the country.
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Restricted Desktop Appraisal

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A full, traditional appraisal isn’t always necessary or feasible. So where can you go to find a full line of alternate solutions that better suit your needs? ISGN delivers reports from local expert appraisers, real estate brokers/agents and government data that have a variety of applications in today’s market. These solutions leverage today’s advanced technology, providing quality, data-rich solutions that support a wide range of valuation needs.
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eAMC is committed to providing superior expertise, high quality service and results our clients can trust. If you are an experienced appraiser dedicated to these ideals, we’d like to talk. eAMC offers a friendly, supportive work environment that includes:

- Secure, compliant online appraisal ordering and delivery platform

- Competitive splits and prompt payments

- Wide range of industry and business resources to help you grow your appraisal practice

- Administrative support and more

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AppraisalWorld Partners
Partnering with industry leaders to provide you superior products and services

Forsythe Appraisals, LLC

Forsythe Appraisals is praised for delivering unsurpassed client satisfaction is more than the Forsythe Appraisals mission. It is a Forsythe family tradition with roots stretching back to 1940, when Al Forsythe invited his sons, Jerry and Bob, to develop the appraisal aspect of his growing real estate business in northeast Minneapolis. Eventually, Forsythe would also develop commercial and industrial expertise, including appraising machinery and equipment.

Metro-West Appraisal Co.

Founded in 1987, Metro-West Appraisal Co., LLC has grown to be the largest 100% STAFF residential real estate appraisal company in the nation. Metro-West Appraisal Co. is committed to quality and has made them the industry leader for residential real estate appraisals. Confidence in Metro-West's professional staff guarantees quality and speed to maintain a competitive edge. All appraisals are performed in accordance with the requirements of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) that were adopted by the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) of The Appraisal Foundation.

Zone Data Systems

Zone Data Systems is the North American leader in developing and maintaining a site-verified database of photos, valuations and property information of virtually every residential property for entire cities, using a proprietary “GeoScore™” property rating system. ZDS and its network of premiere, local appraiser experts photograph and appraise entire cities, one building at a time from the street.

C&D Real Estate Appraisal & Review

C&D has assembled an elite group of dedicated and experienced real estate professionals. Their team members "live where they work" so each has their thumb on the pulse of real estate in their respective locales. This knowledge ensures that their clients benefit from a local market expert. C&D takes time to develop relationships with their appraisers and they do not send out assignment orders either by the bid or broadcast process. This is in compliance with Dodd-Frank.

Accurity Valuation - (Formerly IRR-Residential)

Accurity Valuation provides residential and light commercial appraisals, default valuations, relocation services, pre- and post-funding quality control, forensic reviews and specialized services to mortgage lenders, government agencies, attorneys and others. A trusted ally during disputes over property value, Accurity Valuation assists lenders, risk managers, attorneys and chief appraisers with repurchase demands and litigation cases, with particular expertise in valuation analytics, expert witness testimony and disbursement services.

Equity Valuation Partners

EVP is founded on the bedrock of Transparency, Quality and Integrity.

That’s no empty boast. They were among the first to call for transparency in fee relationships. That’s because they offer an alternative to the large appraisal management companies, stressing the lowest possible fees without sacrificing quality, customer service, and quick turnarounds.

United Mortgage Services

UMS was established in 2009. UMS aims to be the most respected and trusted mortgage solutions provider in every market they serve. UMS achieves that goal by adhering to their highest principles of business integrity.

Currently UMS offers mortgage services throughout the Western United States and continues to grow throughout the entire United States.

Mortgage Information Services

Mortgage Information Services, Inc. (MIS), has been an innovative user of  and was the first real estate financial services company to fully adopt automated back office production systems and Internet based communication methods for customer interfaces.

MIS's commitment to providing superior customer service while continuing to meet the changing needs of their customers has allowed MIS to become a leading provider in the field.


AppraisalPro offers a wide range of valuation services dedicated to helping busy mortgage professionals and the banking community to maximize their productivity.

They are developing an extensive network of real estate professionals. At AppraisalPro, they are working hard to make your appraisal and real estate needs as simple and hassle free as possible.

United States Appraisals

Centrally headquartered in the Kansas City area, United States Appraisals provides professional appraisal management services in all 50 states. Their management team has over 120 years of combined mortgage and residential real estate experience, ensuring each appraisal is completed with the highest level of quality. With intense focus on customized personal service, their cutting-edge online tracking system manages every appraisal order from start to finish.

Valuation Technology

Valuation Technology Inc. was started by appraisal industry veterans with the vision to bring innovative valuation technology to appraisal process. In this age of technology, few efficiencies and advancements brought to other industries by technology have been employed in the real estate appraisal industry. With technology, the analytic capacities and data refinement process can be significantly increased; empowering appraisers to provide more accurate, better substantiated opinions of value in less time and in more comprehensive reporting formats with greater diversity in product offerings.

Valuation Management Group

Valuation Management Group was established in 2006 with a vision of partnering with community banks, mortgage bankers, credit unions and wholesale lenders to offer an independent compliant appraisal process, with excellent turn times and quality.

Market Valuation Services

Market Valuation Services is a recognized leader in appraisal compliance and quality. Their function is to facilitate appraisal independence while maintaining a level of customer service that the lender can depend on. Market Valuation Services recognizes that you are the client, and as such the implementation and scalability of specific requirements are paramount in their model. As the conduit in the appraisal process, you can rely on MVS to ensure product and licensing compliance on a national and state level, while maintaining the turn times our clients deserve and expect.


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