AppraisalWorld & Default Exports

for CompCruncher and Redstone

AppraisalWorld Export

An AppraisalWorld Export is a default export called "AppraisalWorld", see example below. This export is set up by your MLS for use with our software.  This AppraisalWorld export eliminates the need for MLS Members to create a custom export in their MLS.

To find out how to request your MLS to create a default "AppraisalWorld"

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- Not Required


Default Export

MLS Systems with AppraisalWorld or Default Exports

State – MLS Name MLS ID MLS Vendor Export Type
CA - ProMLSListings (Formerely REIL) 76 Matrix AppraisalWorld
CA - Sandicor 96 Paragon AppraisalWorld
CO - Information and Real Estate Services - IRES 796 IRES MLS Default – Export71Fields
IL - Midwest Real Estate Data - MRED 815 Matrix AppraisalWorld
KS - Heartland MLS 333 Matrix AppraisalWorld
NJ - TREND MLS 481 Matrix AppraisalWorld
NJ - Garden State - Agent MLS 480 Garden State MLS Default - Download Search
OR - Regional Multiple Listing Service - RMLS 610 RMLS MLS Default - Export Residential
PA - TREND MLS 614 Matrix AppraisalWorld
TN - Greater Nashville MLS - GNMLS
Also includes:
Eastern Middle Tennessee Assn., Robertson County Assn., Clarksville AOR, Southern Middle Tennessee AOR, Sumner AOR and Williamson County Assn.

665 RealTracs MLS Default - Download 'Text', 'All'

How to Request Your MLS to Create an AppraisalWorld Export

Contact AppraisalWorld For An Updated Field List
Email AppraisalWorld at with the Subject: "AppraisalWorld Export Request - Need Field List". In the body of your email, include your Real Estate Board Name and State. Also include the name of your MLS. You may also contact AppraisalWorld's MLS department by phone at 1-800-622-8727 x313 to obtain a field list of your MLS that includes instructions to your MLSs' technical staff. Attach this field list to your request for an AppraisalWorld Export.

Contact Your Real Estate Board, Association or Multiple Listing Service
Your MLS System is governed by your Board or Association of Realtors or the collection of all Boards and Associations utilizing the same MLS System. Sometimes, the MLS System is governed by the MLS System itself. The decision to create an AppraisalWorld export will come from one of these entities.

We recommend that you contact the department that supports the MLS for end users such as yourself. They can supply you with the contact information needed for your request. Typically, they will want to verify if you are a member of good standing in their MLS.

Hint: When you speak with your Association, Board or MLS, write down the name and phone number of the person you are speaking with and any important notes of the conversation. This will help you later for follow-up purposes.

Prepare Your Request
You must submit your request to the Board, Association or MLS System.

It has been our experience that the person you contact may not fully understand your request so it is important to spell out specific points in your request. Below is a sample email/letter you can use. Feel free to add you own personal text if needed. The Associations, Boards and MLS systems require that a request regarding a change in their MLS come from their members.

Here are some key points that should remember when corresponding with your contact person:

AppraisalWorld Inc., does NOT want access to the MLS Data.

CompCruncher is desktop software and the data you collect stays with you, the appraiser on your hard drive.

An "AppraisalWorld" default export allows your MLS to provide you, a member of thier MLS, a valuable, time-saving tool.

An MLS Mapper from AppraisalWorld will assist your MLSs' technical staff in any way needed to build the AppraisalWorld export quickly and easily.

AppraisalWorld's contact information:

AppraisalWorld MLS Manager
AppraisalWorld, Inc.
1-800-622-8727 x313

Sample Email/Letter

(Date Here)


Dear (contact person),


I am submitting a request for a custom export called "AppraisalWorld" to be built for myself and other appraiser members of your MLS.


I use desktop software called CompCruncher to run analysis on comparables to produce 1004s and full CVR reports (Collateral Valuation Reports) for AMC and Lender clients. CompCruncher requires a custom export to be set up in the MLS system. I am requesting the MLS create a default export called "AppraisalWorld" so myself and other appraiser members are able to use the software without troubleshooting our export file that can be very time-consuming.


The MLS Manager at AppraisalWorld Inc. will supply you with a list of fields that are needed for our export and will assist your technical team in any way needed.


Contact Information:


Bradford Technologies, Inc.

DBA: AppraisalWorld, Inc.

AppraisalWorld MLS Manager

1-800-622-8727 x313


I would like to point out this software is installed on my desktop and the data I collect from the MLS stays on my hard-drive.


Please find attached, the "AppraisalWorld's" required field list that details specific instructions for the "AppraisalWorld" export.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I appreciate your time and consideration, and look forward to hearing back from you.




(Your Name & contact information here)


Follow-up with Your Contact Person
Follow up with your contact person to see if they have contacted AppraisalWorld for assistance. In most cases, the Association or MLS will have to introduce the request at their next Real Estate Association Board Meeting to get approval.

Additional Assistance
If you have any questions, concerns, or need some assistance with your request, please contact AppraisalWorld's MLS Department.

Phone: 1-800-622-8727 x313

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