Don't Take Your Forms Into the Field

Up to now, mobile appraisal apps were made more cumbersome and complex by trying to take the desktop form-filling experience and shrinking it to the phone. Rather than clumsily working your way through forms, you should be focused on efficiently performing your field inspection. Why impede your inspection process by constraining yourself to filling out an appraisal form in the field. Mobile technology can deliver so much more than simply another way to fill in a form.

Focus on Inspecting – Not Form-Filling

We spent a lot of time evaluating the field appraisal process. We watched appraisers tap, tap, tap and tap again for some basic functions and knew there was a better way. By gathering only needed information in a streamlined and organized fashion, the new and innovative Inspect-a-Lot app from Bradford Technologies concentrates on field inspection data capture which allows you to complete your work faster and easier.

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