The Complete Real Estate Appraisal Software Solution

ClickFORMS™ is the only appraisal software that delivers productivity right out of the box. It is the fastest to learn and the easiest to use, and integrates with all of your favorite applications and lender networks.

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ClickFORMS is a feature rich, easy to use appraisal software package. Our product helps you acquire, analyze, present, store, and transmit completed appraisal reports faster and easier than any other product on the market. We offer more than 400 forms that address residential, commercial, and broker appraisals, and more than 200 forms for agricultural appraisals. Regardless of appraisal type, selecting ClickFORMS software is the right choice to make.

ClickFORMS Features



Drag-and-Drop Forms and Cells

14 Automatic Adjustments

Easily Rearrange Forms

Drag Photos Directly Into Reports

Drag-and-Drop Comparables

Comparables Database

Neighborhood Database

Client Database

Reports Database

Image Optimizer



AppraisalPort, UAD Compliance &

Connection Module

RELS/VSS Connection Module


Custom MLS Integration

Plug-in for Apex Medina, AreaSketch

and RapidSketch

Online Location Maps

Online Flood Maps

Multiple Major Forms in One Report

Drag Items From One Report to Another

Easy Digital Signature Application

Open Unlimited Reports at One Time

Digital Container Technology

Training Calendar


Unlimited Online Location Maps

Unlimited Software Updates

All New Forms Included
Paste Analysis from Redstone




Certified by Microsoft®

Windows® 7 Compatible

Windows® 8 Compatible

Windows® 10 Compatible


Tools & Services

ClickFORMS System Requirements


Required: Windows®  7 or newer Operating System

Required: At least 4GB of RAM

Required: At least 250MB of free disk space

Required: 1280 x 800 screen resolution

Required: Internet Explorer 10 or newer browser
Required: High speed internet connection


MAC (even running Parallels® or Boot Camp®) not supported


Running ClickFORMS on anything less than our minimum requirements may result in unexpected and unsupported issues.



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