INTRODUCTION - The Power to Produce A Better Appraisal

When we introduced CompCruncher in late 2009, the industry called it a “game changer” and agreed that statistically supporting your conclusions and analyzing entire markets was the next evolutionary step in appraising.


CompCruncher changes the game again by radically revolutionizing the appraisal process. Not only does it exceed these evolutionary steps (which our competitors have yet to reach), but it now eliminates all the tedious, mundane tasks an appraiser has to do starting with form filling.

CompCruncher is not just another appraisal form filler. And it’s not an add-on analysis tool.


CompCruncher is a new class of appraisal software called Computer-Aided Appraising Software. It does it all! Engineers have used Computer-Aided Engineering software for years to help them analyze and solve problems; Manufacturers have used Computer-Aided Manufacturing to help them manufacture products.


Now, CompCruncher is bringing Computer-Aided Appraising Technology to the table to help appraisers appraise better. CompCruncher makes the computer work for you:


  • It gathers data for you;
  • It helps you understand it;
  • It helps you analyze it;
  • It helps you reconcile it;
  • It automatically builds the report for you


CompCruncher frees you from tedious, time consuming tasks so you can focus on the analysis.


So while our competitors continue to build “better, faster” form fillers, we’re developing software that gives you the power to produce a better, higher quality appraisal. And, we're going to keep raising the bar with each update. Join AppraisalWorld and enjoy the power to produce a better appraisal.

SCIENCE - Adding Science to the Art of Appraising

CompCruncher takes the 'Art of Appraising' and adds a little bit of Science to it. Each appraisal has four major analysis components:


The Market Trends analysis to determine the activity and trends in the market;


The Regression analysis to determine a reasonable market valuation and the value of the property characteristics which can support your adjustments;


The Sales Comparison approach to get an indicated value based on historical sales;


The Listing Comparison approach to provide an indicated value based on future sales.

Each analysis is dependent on the others. For instance, the Sales/Listing ratio is used to normalize the Listing Price so that the adjustments used in Sales Comparison can be used in the Listing Comparison; Regression provides a reasonableness and support for adjustments. The elegance of this system is that all four analyses synchronize to produce a highly supportable Value Conclusion.


It's worth switching software for this one feature alone.

WORKFLOW - Structured Workflow for Highly Efficient Processing

  • CompCruncher provides a structured workflow. There is very little training required. The flow is intuitive and as simple as clicking on the workflow buttons.


  • Each appraisal starts with verifying the subject address and then affirming the Scope of Work.


  • Subject information from multiple data sources is automatically pulled into your report saving you time and the headache of manually entering in the information yourself.


  • Satellite and/or aerial view of the subject neighborhood is shown so you can determine if there are adverse or beneficial influences on value due to its location or possible views.


  • Define the market area using an online map. The polygon will represent the market area of the subject. (You can define multiple areas if needed.)


  • Sales and listing data will be imported into your report representing properties that have sold and properties that are currently listed in the subject's market area.


  • Public data and MLS data is cleansed and combined to produce high quality property records.


  • These new property records will be geo-coded to determine their proximity to the subject.


  • The properties will be ranked by similarity to the subject property.


  • Market features will be analyzed to produce histogram charts for fast visualization of the market characteristics.


  • Market listings and sales will be analyzed to produce the activity and trends within the market area. This analysis is the 1004MC analysis on steroids.
  • Easy regression analysis of the market properties are performed to determine the value contribution of the property features and their significance. These values will provide a reasonableness support for your actual adjustments that you use in the Sales and Listing Comparison approach.


  • The adjustments for the subject's market area are set using the regression values as a guide.


  • You identify the best sales and listings that you may want to use as comps.


  • Upload your comps to the AppraisalWorld Inspection service so that you can use mobile inspection tools to verify and/or gather data in the field. This data will be automatically uploaded and synchronized with the properties previously selected.
  • Once the inspection data has been added to the comps and the Sales and Listing comparison approaches completed, the last step is to reconcile a value conclusion.


  • At this point, your appraisal has been completed. Now it's time to generate the report, review it, sign it and deliver it.


  • Building the appraisal report starts with a click. The report builder has the power to create a 100% UAD compliant 1004 appraisal report.
  • Review the report;
  • Sign your report;
  • and Deliver your completed appraisal report.

COMP IDENTIFIER - Industry's Most Advanced Comp Identifier

CompCruncher allows you to accurately:


  • Select your comps
  • View an aerial image of the comparable compared to the subject image
  • See the comparable's proximity to the subject on a map
  • Read the broker/agent comments
  • Start to make adjustments so you have an indication of the comparable's adjusted sales price all from your desktop.
  • Use the Bracketing tool to quickly identify your comparables.

This feature alone is worth switching software, but with CompCruncher, you don’t have to switch.

REGRESSION - Easily Support Your Adjustments with Regression

In today’s world where appraisers are being questioned on everything, you can now use regression analysis to support your adjustments and the reasonableness of your value conclusion.


CompCruncher has refined the regression process so that it’s intuitive and easy to apply. The new Accuracy Distribution chart along with the Scatter plot of actual versus predicted sales prices quickly tells you if the regression model is acceptable. The model’s Output Statistics will provide the metrics for you to affirm its accuracy. Because of these major enhancements, we no longer require the two-day regression training classes of the past.


It’s worth switching software for this one feature alone, but again you don’t need to switch to use CompCruncher.

RECONCILIATION - CompCruncher Makes Reconciliation Easy

CompCruncher makes it easy to reconcile, especially with the new Analysis Value Chart that illustrates:


  • The market range
  • The high and low of all approaches
  • The indicated values of the approaches
  • Your final valuation


The Sales and Listing histogram charts clearly shows you where your subject valuation lies in relation to other properties that sold and are currently listed. In one clear view, you see the approaches to value.


It’s worth switching software for this one feature alone.

VISUAL INFORMATION - Turn Data Into Easy To Understand Visual Information

CompCruncher works with hundreds of properties. It analyzes entire markets. All this data can be over whelming to an individual, but not to software that is designed for this purpose.


CompCruncher will display the market characteristics in easy to understand histograms. In seconds you will get a detailed overview of the market and the subject. Quickly understand the relationships between current listings and previous sales and how it could affect the subject’s value.

REPORT BUILDER - Automatically Build Reports in Seconds...

One click on the “Build Report” button and a few seconds later, you have a 100%, fully compliant UAD appraisal. Imagine all the time you will save not having to fill out the appraisal forms.


The days of cloning reports to save time are over. Every report can be created in seconds.


This feature alone is worth switching software, but the good news is that you don’t have to switch software to use CompCruncher. You can continue to use your form-filler and CompCruncher at the same time.

SUPPORT & TRAINING - Statistics and Regression

Do you know what a P-Value in statistics is? If not, we can help. We have the most knowledgeable and experienced staff in the area of statistics and applying regression analysis in the appraisal process.


In addition, as an AppraisalWorld member, you will have access to our library of CompCruncher training videos and documentation.  All AppraisalWorld members can download CompCruncher Free.  Click the "Get Started" button below.

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