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Showcase your experience with your FREE listing in the world's most advanced appraiser directory.  Lenders, mortgage brokers, and homeowners will search for you in the AppraisalWorld Directory when they need an appraisal because it is promoted heavily in search engines such as Google® and Yahoo®. The AppraisalWorld Directory is also advertised in industry print and online magazines, so you receive even more exposure.

While other appraiser directories search for appraisers by only county or zip codes, AppraisalWorld's method uses a proprietary algorithm, which incorporates many factors, including appraisal date and locations of completed appraisal assignments. The result is that appraisers are given higher listing rankings based on actual work experience and the neighborhood in which they have expertise.

Cluster Analysis
Using our specialized, Geo-spatial cluster analysis, your areas of expertise are analyzed relative to the subject property.

The appraiser with the most relevant experience to the subject property is ranked the highest - not the one who paid the most for the top spot on on the directory listing.

Work History
Your appraisal work history and experience are combined to create a Geo-spatial map of your valuation experience.

Online Business Card - Your Virtual Business Card Will Get Results

When the customer clicks on your location or company name, your "Business Card" will be displayed and you'll be literally one click away from getting an order or receiving a visitor to your website seeking further information about your appraisal expertise.

Appraiser's Portfolio - Appraiser Credential Management

Store, Evaluate and Review Credential
AppraisalWorld can store your credentials online (appraisal license(s), E&O certificate; sample reports, specialties, etc.) in a structured format for fast, efficient evaluation by Lenders, AMCs and potential clients.


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AMC Directory - Get Access To Our AMC Directoy to Help You Find Work

Our AMC Directory is a Fee Listing of AMCs for AppraisalWorld Members
You can look through the list and click the link to visit their website. We hope these connections are beneficial to you. To increase your chances of being chosen for the job, you can include your Appraiser's Portfolio.

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