ClickFORMS: How to Purchase Tools & Services

1. Become an AppraisalWorld Member

As an AppraisalWorld member, you can purchase tools and services from the AppraisalWorld store.  In addition, you will have your own "My Office" page where you can access ClickFORMS and CompCruncher software, training materials, webinars, listing profile management, AMC Directory and much more.


Click on "Join Today" from the top menu bar.


Note: You must be a licensed appraiser to become an AppraisalWorld member.

2. Login to My Office

Once you are an AppraisalWorld member, you can now login to "My Office".  Click the "My Office" link above the AppraisalWorld Logo.  You will be prompted to login If needed.

3. Shop the AppraisalWorld Store

From your "My Office, click on "Shop" from the main menu bar. Go Shopping!

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