Unlimited National Public Record Lookups

15 Day FREE Trial

Our new Silver Membership in AppraisalWorld provides members with unprecedented access to data. The first data service we've made available in the Silver Membership level is Public Records. AppraisalWorld members with a Silver Membership have unlimited access to a national database of public records. We will also be adding additional data services making the Silver membership even more valuable. We are offering all appraisers a FREE 15 Day trial to use the new public records data service and experience the value of AppraisalWorld and our new Silver Membership. There is no long-term commitment. You may cancel at any time.

Public Record Data Service

The Silver Membership includes our new premium National Public Records Data Service. You'll receive unlimited lookups.

You'll be able to quickly confirm:


• Sales history

• Document dates and numbers

• Tax and current tax year

• Owner of record

• Legal description

• Improvement characteristics


• Census tract and census block group

• AVM valuation for property

• and much more.


This new service even provides you with an AVM valuation for the property. Now you can see what the reviewer sees. Demonstrate to the reviewer and homeowner that you performed a thorough analysis of the market and considered all available data in your final value reconciliation.

Unlimited Permit History Lookups

BuildFAX Permit History provides you the facts that get 'under the roof' and 'within the walls' to give you a detailed background check on your subject property. BuildFax summarizes and details permit information in one single report for subject property listing and comps.


• Major Systems Age - Provides the cost/age/probably condition of improvements, renovations, equipment.

• Supporting Detail - Provides details regarding the cost/valuation, date, contractor and description of work.

• Insight to Quality - Helps identify the quality of the improvements/renovations/equipment.

Cloud-Based Order Manager

The Silver Membership includes our online Order Management system. Dump that old spreadsheet and keep track of orders and clients who still owe you for work completed. The AppraisalWorld Order Manager will:


• Help you track orders

• Manage your billing and receivables

• Seamlessly transfer data to your appraisal software (coming soon)

• Accept orders and communicate with clients (coming soon)


Keep track of your orders and clients with an online system that you can access in the office and the field.

New AppraisalWorld Silver Membership – Just $24.95/month

Our new Silver Membership in AppraisalWorld provides unprecedented access to data for one low price. We’re launching the Silver Membership with unlimited public record data. More services will continue to be added to the membership at no additional cost. Just $24.95/month gives you access to all the premium services in the Silver Membership plan. You can join AppraisalWorld for free (appraisers only) with access to appraiser listing searches and much more. You can upgrade to the Silver Membership at any time. You can cancel your Silver Membership at any time without obligation. No long term contract or commitment. Try it risk-free for 15 days.

Already an AppraisalWorld member? Log in and sign up for the Silver Membership in the Store. Not yet a member? Sign up for your free AppraisalWorld membership and then upgrade to the Silver Membership for full access to data services like the Unlimited Public Records data and upcoming Unlimited Permit History Reports.

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